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Las Gaviotas, The Mexican Getaway You Wish You Knew About!

If you’re based in Southern California like me, Las Gaviotas is the best quick and affordable Mexican getaway. Want to go on vacation outside the states but can’t afford a plane ticket? Drive on down to Las Gaviotas. Looking for awesome surf with a community feel? Hop on over to Las Gaviotas. Want to spend your days relaxing on the beach, eating authentic Mexican food and looking out over the ocean from your beautiful rental home? Head to Las Gaviotas. Feel like raging at night and hitting the clubs with some locals? Go to…okay you get the point by now.

las gaviotas, baja california, travel girls, travel blog
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‘The Jewel of Baja’

Las Gaviotas is a beautiful community of family homes, in Baja California just 40 minutes south of the California-Mexico border, known as “The Jewel of Baja.” You can find many of these homes available for rent. Plan your visit to unwind or turn up – whatever you’re in the mood for. I’ve been to Las Gaviotas twice and both times I had a vastly different experience.

My first time in Las Gaviotas was with a group of 15 friends. I had never been there so I had no idea what to expect. We spent most of our time inside the walls of the gated community. We surfed and sunbathed by day and drank tequila and hot tubbed by night. While that was a really fun trip, I felt like I did not fully immerse myself in the Baja California expereince.

The second time I went down with some seasoned Gaviotas surfers and they certainly gave us an experience; the local party experience, that is. We brunched in Lobster Village, we boozed in Rosarito with local spring breakers, we haggled in the local markets, and we partied in Tijuana’s infamous Zona Norte. Needless to say we had our fill surf and sun in Las Gaviotas but we also made time to explore our surroundings.

Las Gaviotas and Beyond

So, if you’re looking for a trip with versatility that is affordable and boasts Tulum quality IG posts…well you already know what I’m going to say! Should you choose to explore outside Las Gaviotas make sure you always go in a group. Know what you’re getting yourself into, stay alert and use your common sense.

Also, I encourage you to support the local economy by spending your money at family-run businesses. Remember that tipping is still custom in Mexico so if the service is good, which is most likely will be, tip heavy! Most importantly, remember that tacos and tequila can be consumed at any time of day when you’re in Baja.

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