Lobster Village, puerto nuevo, lobster dinner in Baja California

Lobster Village In Baja California, Mexico

Puerto Nuevo, also known as Lobster Village, will make you want to kiss your family and friends goodbye and move to Baja California, Mexico. Now you may think this sounds a little excessive, but you don’t know excessive until you look a mountain of lobster in the eye. Allow me to paint a picture for you.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Las Gaviotas. We had just finished surfing were taking a midday jacuzzi dip when all of the sudden my friend’s stomach growled like a hangry beast. Whilst debating about where we should eat, someone mentioned Lobster Village. My friend demanded we absolutely must experience this place. We dried ourselves off, hopped in the car and drove about two miles down the road to what I can only describe as broke and hungry girl heaven.

Lobster Village, puerto nuevo, lobster dinner in Baja California
Mountain of Lobster

We walked up to a seemingly unremarkable restaurant, sat down and opened up the menu. After ordering a pitcher of margaritas we attempted to order lobster. Due to our lacking Spanish skills, we had some trouble communicating with our server about the quantity of Lobster. Enter, the mountain of lobster. We looked at one another wide, eyed wondering how we would ever eat this much. But alas, we consumed every last bite in record speed.

An Awesome Deal!

As the server brought over our check I trembled in fear, but to my pleasant surprise, it was only $25 a person. This included the lobster, fresh tortillas, chips and guac, rice, beans, and countless margaritas! I sighed in relief and thought to myself, looks like I’m moving to Mexico.

If you happen to find yourself in Baja California, do not skip out on Puerto Nuevo. Not only is it the best Lobster I’ve had on the West Coast, but the tortillas alone are also sinfully delicious. Put the lobster in the tortilla with some of their warm drawn butter and you just might decide you’re moving to Mexico too! However, I advise you brush up on some Spanish before so that you can communicate with your server without looking like a total gringo.

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