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Best Brunch in Palm Springs, Cheeky’s Farm to Table

Cheeky’s Palm Springs is the farm to table restaurant that dreams are made of. In my opinion it’s the best brunch in Palm Springs and should definitely be at the top of your list.

eggs benedict, brunch, brunch food, palm springs, palm springs brunch, cheeky's palm springs
If you don’t get eggs benedict, did you even brunch?

The Details

Cheeky’s. is a neighborhood favorite for breakfast and lunch with a locally sourced farm to table menu that changes weekly. The top half of their menu lists their weekly seasonal options and the bottom half lists their classic staple options. They do not accept reservations so plan on arriving early. I got there at 9:30am for Sunday brunch. Although this is an insanely early brunch for any sane human, there was still and hour wait for a table!

Wanderdreams Tip: While you’re waiting, check out the Desert Art Center next door.

The decor is nothing to drool over, but don’t worry the food makes up for that tenfold. This is not the place you go to for the trendy aesthetic. They have indoor and outdoor seating. I chose to sit on the patio and with that came some relentless flies pestering us. However, I always say if you choose to eat outside you have to accept that you might have some unwelcome guests.

The Food

The food is the real star of the show here. You can expect a delicious and inventive twist on classic breakfast dishes, along with some comfort food favorites. Also, their farm fresh ingredients are locally and sustainably sourced each week, so you can feel good about what you’re eating.

I started out with a bacon flight and truffle tots. I’ll repeat, BACON FLIGHT. Seven strips of uniquely flavored, sizzling bacon. Then I moved onto the eggs benny because this is an essential dish on every brunch menu. Next, I tried one of their weekly specials, the open face fried green tomato sandwich. Last, I finished off my Sunday brunch binge with a strawberry rhubarb french toast topped with pie bits. (I enlisted the help of a friend to split all the food with me.) Every leg of this divine eating experience was excellent. I can confidently say they nailed the classics and knocked it out of the park with their specials.

The Conclusion: Best Brunch in Palm Springs

Cheeky’s is definitely the best brunch in Palm Springs and one of my favorite brunches in general. I’m not saying that it is the next Michelin star restaurant, but when it comes to inspired farm to table fare, they definitely do it right. Now, are you ready for the kicker? All this food came down to $54 total, including tip. In Los Angeles, this much food would easily run you $100. That is not even accounting for the fact that all of the food served at Cheeky’s is sourced from local, sustainable and ethical farms.

Next time you’re in Palm Springs make sure to give Cheeky’s a visit. Although some of the items I got are no longer on the menu, as it’s always changing, I can still promise you will love it.

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