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The Desert Art Center Supports Palm Springs Artists

It’s no secret that Palm Springs is home to many talented artists. Its serene, oasis vibes set to a backdrop of breathtaking mountains and year-round sunshine, provide plenty of inspiration for artists to draw upon. What you might not know is that the tight-knit Palm Springs community is deeply rooted in philanthropy. From individuals to big corporations, altruism is a common thread that ties the public together. The Desert Art Center is one of Coachella Valley’s many non-profits. It was established to support local and aspiring artists.

palm springs, desert, palm desert, mountains
Desert Landscape

How The Desert Art Center Works

I spoke with, Alice O’Neill, a talented artist and member of the Desert Art Center. She gave me the down low on how the nonprofit gallery operates. Local artists submit their work to the DAC art jury to become a gallery member. All gallery members are required to volunteer their time working at the DAC. In return, they can display their artwork in bi-monthly member shows. It gives them an excellent platform to sell their art and build within the community. A portion of the sales income goes to the DAC’s community outreach program and the rest goes directly to the artist.

O’Neill was always into arts and crafts but she really dived into her work when her husband passed away in 2004. “You have to do something to keep going, to keep your mind active.” She told me while gushed over her handmade statement necklace. Aside from jewelry making, she spends a lot of her time creating beautiful oil paintings.

O’Neill explained that the percentage of money the DAC keeps from their members’ art sales goes to scholarships for middle and high school students who wish to pursue art. Last year they donated between seven and eight thousand dollars to young artists.

“You don’t have to color inside the lines to be an artist. That’s part of expressing yourself.” O’Neill said to me when I tried telling her that I would not make a great fine artist. Luckily for me, and anyone else who wishes to improve their art chops, the DAC offers classes for all levels!

Learn More

Discover more on their website It lists their class schedule, information on their outreach and membership programs, as well as their artist directory

The Desert Art Center has something for everyone. Whether you are interested in purchasing a unique desert-inspired piece or seeking to unleash your inner artist, this is the place. Also, the gallery members are always happy to see new faces and will welcome you with open arms.

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