Top 10 Things To Do in Capri

Do you like island vibes? (Yes) Do you like pizza? (Duh) Have you ever found yourself torn between planning a dreamy island getaway or a delicious Italian vacation? Well, now you can have both! From the sweeping cliff sides and cobalt blue waters to the warm hospitality and to die for Italian food, Capri has captured my heart and stomach. So sit back, relax and imagine yourself sunbathing under Mediterranean sunshine with a slice of Caprese pizza in your hand while I give you my top 10 things to do in Capri, Italy.

1. Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto, blue grotto capri, grotto azzurra
Blue Grotto

The Grotto Azzurra, or blue grotto, is a natural sea cave where the water glows bright blue, illuminating the interior of the cave. A skipper guides you through the cave by wooden row boat while singing Italian opera which echoes through the cavern, adding to the dreamy experience. More info here:

Wanderdreams Wisdom: Visitors are not permitted to swim into the cave or jump into the waters from the rowboat BUT if you arrive towards the end of the day (between 3:30pm-5pm) the skippers are more likely to let you take a dip in the magical blue waters. Make sure to leave an extra big tip, should you be so lucky. 🙂

2. Faro Beach

faro beach, capri beaches, italian beaches, faro
Faro Beach

This cliffside beach is located on the Anacapri side of the island. You won’t find sand beaches or many tourists here, making it the perfect place to plop your town down on the smooth flat rocks with the locals and get plenty of sunshine. From here you can go cliff jumping, get beautiful sunset views of the Il Faro Lighthouse and even swim in the Green Grotto. It can be difficult to get to but if you type in Lido De Faro into google maps it will take you to a parking area and then you’ll see a cleared pathway that you can follow to the beach.

3. Rent a Scooter

scooter rental capri, charlie rental scooter capri, scooter capri, vespa capri
Scooter Rental in Capri

I highly recommend renting a scooter during you stay in Capri. Not only is it super fun cruising through the hills and catching thrilling views, it also allows you a certain level of freedom when it comes to exploring different parts of the island. This is not a place that easily traversed by foot, taxis are very expensive, and the bus schedule can be difficult to plan around. With a scooter you are free to go anywhere at any time. Just make sure you have an experienced driver!!! I would never feel comfortable operating a scooter on Capri’s steep cliffs, luckily my boyfriend drove while hung on for dear life in the back. We got a great three day deal with this company:

4. Eat

italina food, capri food, best food in capri, pizza, pasta
Classic Italian Food

I think this is going to be a recurring theme in all of my “top ten things to do” posts because eating is a major part of the traveling experience. That being said, eating real Italian food in Italy is a life-changing experience. Honestly, your days should be non-stop eating adventure (see my Capri vlog for reference.) Here are some of my favorite food spots: Risorante Panorama for an exquisite dinner with a view, Lido del Faro for nice lunch at the beach, and Buonocore Gelateria for all your gelato cravings.

5. The Mount Solaro Chairlift

Mount Solaro Chairlift, mount solaro capir, chairlift capri, hike capri
Mount Solaro Chairlift

Take a 12-minute chairlift to the peak of Mount Solaro or Monte Solaro at the locals refer to it. At 1932 feet above sea level you can get panoramic views of the whole island, including the famous Faraglioni Rocks. Be warned, the chair lift is a one-seater, so you will be towed up the mountain solo. Once you’re at the top you can enjoy lunch at the mountain top cafe. Here is more info:

6. Hike to Mount Solaro

Faraglioni Rocks, Mount Solaro , Capri
View of Faraglioni Rocks from Mount Solaro

If you want to get a hell of a workout in, skip the chairlift up and hike the mountain instead. This is what I did when I was in Capri and the feeling and views you get when you finally reach the peak is 100% worth it. You get an amazing view of the Faraglioni Rocks. Also, make sure to treat yourself to some gelato at the mountaintop cafe for all your hard work and then take the chairlift down free of charge. Your endorphins will soar sky high after this one.

7. Explore Anacapri

anacapri, capri sunset, capri island

Anacapri is a bit less touristy than the highly trafficked Capri town center. Here you will find locals shopping in the markets, tucked away cafes and cute little gifts shops. The prices are lower on this side of the island and it feels like more of a real Italian experience.

8. Go to the Beach Clubs

lido del faro, beach club in capri, faro beach club, capri island beach clubs
Lido Del Faro

If you’re willing to drop a pretty penny, the beach clubs in Capri are definitely the place to go. I went to Lido Del Faro, which is located at Il Faro beach and boasts a swimming pool, full restaurant and bar, lounge chairs, and stairs leading directly to the ocean water. Fontelina is another amazing beach club that is situated directly across from the Faraglioni Rocks. I did not have the pleasure of going to but after learning about it on the last day of my trip and doing plenty of research I wish I would have been able to go

9. Explore Capri’s Town Center

capri, capri town center, capri italy

Granted the town center is very touristy and expensive, but I still think it is an important part of the Capri experience. The cobblestone streets are lined by beautiful white storefronts where you are always greeted with a welcoming smile. Whether you’re looking to splurge on a nice dinner, buy a designer handbag or just simply window shop the town center has a little something for everyone.

10. Marina Grande Beach

marina grande, capri beaches, Italian beaches, Italian island
Marina Grande

The main port of Capri is Marina Grandi and it’s the first place you will see when you arrive to Capri by ferry. This pebble beach surrounded by cliffs is usually crowded as it is the easiest beach to get to on the island but it is great for people watching and sunbathing if you are able to snag a sandy spot. Additionally, the ample shopping and dining options nearby are a big plus.

That’s a wrap on my top 10 things to do in Capri. I hope you get the chance to travel to this magical little island!

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